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You feel compelled to speak to me?
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Greetings, Merry Meet, or whatever you usually say. Remember how I said I was going to update this page before? Well....I did not do so. I don't want to hear it. I am a busy person and I have more to do than entertain some of you people with witty comments and visually appealing graphics. But...I shall give in this once and do some updating. You can thank me later. Oh and by the way....thanks for walking through my lovely garden!

*KISSES* ~Always, Lyli~

Pics and More Pics
Few pics I have

Things That Catch My Interest
Links, links and more links. (Hey Troy....*hint hint*)

About Lyli
A brief description of the girl behind this little homepage

Lyli's Chat Room
chat with me or others who are wandering around the garden

Misc. Artwork from The Web
A few nice pictures that caught my eye...
Poems and Random Thoughts
Read some random thoughts of me and some friends.
Let me know who has stopped to smell the roses

You have lost your soul to me times over. Ha Ha Ha SUCKER!!